New firm helps businesses sell

New firm helps businesses sell

A chartered accountant has spotted a gap in the market to help business owners to sell their companies online, and has launched his own business in response. is the brainchild of Barry Gill – an accountant with an impressive track-record of working both in-house and consultancy-side in the corporate finance sector - after he spotted a gap in the market for businesses and their agents looking to sell a company.

Unlike other business selling sites which rely on potential buyers visiting the online platform to view businesses for sale and therefore limiting the potential reach of listings placed on these sites, a third of the fee paid to goes towards targeted social media adverts for each of the companies for sale, greatly extending the potential views of the listing and driving buyers back to the website to register their interest in the company for sale.

Barry said: “We launched just before Christmas and already the service is proving to be a huge success. A number of companies have signed up to the platform and the feedback we’ve had has been that people are impressed by the fact that we support each listing on the site with targeted social media adverts across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

“Through my experience of working in corporate finance, I was already aware of competitors who sell businesses online both home and abroad, but not using social media in the way that we do, to help increase the potential reach of each listing and getting it in front of potential buyers – it’s a new concept.

“The service is particularly useful for smaller businesses who want to manage the process themselves. It’s also a really useful platform for corporate finance advisors and business transfer agents who may want to use the site to place multiple listings.”

Barry developed the concept after struggling to find a simple and straight forward business selling platform while acting on behalf of his clients at his corporate finance company.

“I am a qualified accountant (ACCA) and have always lived in the North East.  Over the years, I’ve gained a wealth of experience working in start-up businesses; I used to be the finance director of a company called Break 90 Ltd, before leaving to start my own company, TIG Corporate Finance in November 2015. 

“Business owners and the agents acting on their behalf are busy people. I didn’t want to be another task for them to complete on their long to-do list.  Users of the site fill in a simple online form and wait for potential buyers to get in touch.  Users aren’t bogged down with setting up and managing the social media adverts – that’s what we do and it’s all part of our simple and straightforward service.”

An element of the service that is particularly useful for insolvency practitioners, the email updates provides the seller with evidence of having marketed the sale of the business to other potential buyers, in line with SIP16 legislation.

Having previously worked at a number of North East based firms, Mr Gill is a specialist in corporate finance and is confident will go from strength-to-strength in the New Year and beyond. 

“I’m the only person working in the business just now.  As the company grows, the plan is to employ account managers and social media executives to manage each listing, to ensure our customers are getting a first class service.

Initially, my plan is to target the UK. If this goes as well (and since launching it’s all looking very positive), I would like to target the USA as there is a massive market over there.  I already own the dot com domain so I can easily replicate my business model across The Pond.  It’s very much a case of watch this space!