World Rugby Hall of Fame to be designed by Manchester firm

World Rugby Hall of Fame to be designed by Manchester firm

Manchester based design consultancy Mather & Co. has been appointed by the global governing body for rugby union, World Rugby, to take on the project of designing a brand new attraction - the World Rugby Hall of Fame.

Following a successful Rugby World Cup tournament in 2015 and with a return to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, rugby is currently the world’s second most popular sport. World Rugby delivers a whole range of development services and programmes to help develop rugby globally, and looks to engage people further in the game through the World Rugby Hall of Fame.

Mather & Co. already has a portfolio of sporting museums both in the UK and across the globe, including the Springboks Experience in Cape Town, South Africa, which delves into the history of rugby in South Africa for the first time.

The museum will be situated in the birthplace of the sport - Rugby, UK. Mather & Co. has been working closely with both World Rugby and Rugby Borough Council to help realise the designs for this unique attraction and bring them to life.

The team behind the brand new attraction will create a fully interactive museum showcasing rugby, its rich heritage and character building values as well as honouring the World Rugby Hall of Fame inductees.

The World Rugby Hall of Fame will be located in the heart of the town on the first floor of the art gallery, museum and library and is scheduled to welcome visitors in late 2016.  

Chris Mather, Managing Director at Mather & Co., said: “It’s great to be working with another iconic sporting association in realising the designs for such a unique attraction. We hope that the project will further concrete Rugby’s ties with the sport and encourage visitors from around the UK and the world to get a real feel for the game.”

World Rugby Chief Executive Brett Gosper added: “We are thrilled to have a permanent destination for the World Rugby Hall of Fame that will allow visitors to relive rugby’s greatest moments throughout the game’s long and fascinating history. We will be working closely with Mather & Co. in order to bring our vision to life and ensure the Hall of Fame becomes a popular attraction for millions of people to enjoy for generations to come.”

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