Bosses urged to be flexible for footy during Euro 2016

Bosses urged to be flexible for footy during Euro 2016

Employment experts suggest bosses in Greater Manchester consider ‘bringing the match to the office’ during Euro 2016 to protect productivity.

The England v Wales football match on Thursday kicks off at 2pm - in the middle of the working day.

Tracey Guest, partner and head of employment at Manchester law firm Slater Heelis LLP, said employers should consider being flexible with allowing employees to watch the game.

“Employment laws are, of course, still the same during the Euros, but there is so much excitement and anticipation around the England v Wales match, flexibility with normal work regulations for employees is definitely worth considering.

“Perhaps allowing employees to watch the game by streaming it at work and turning the game into a social event, is a good opportunity to reward your employees. Alternatively, business owners might want to consider allowing employees time off to watch the game on the condition that they then make the time up later.

“Either way, allowing your employees to watch the game will undoubtedly boost morale in the work place.

“Business owners firstly need to decide what rules they wish to put in place, in respect of allowing employees to watch any matches.

“One point to bear in mind is that a fair and consistent approach must be implemented. Employees may of course support different teams. Therefore, if adopting a flexible policy regarding the football, business owners must also apply the same flexibility to allow employees of other nationalities to watch specific games.

“Most employees will no doubt behave sensibly and professionally throughout the Euros. But, having clear policies and rules in place will help to assist with any issues that may arise.”   

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