Cat cafe seeks guinea pigs

Cat cafe seeks guinea pigs

As Manchester’s first ever cat cafe prepares to open later this month, customers are being invited to volunteer to take part in their staff training week.

Sisters Ellie and Sarah Close are running a competition for members of the public to get a preview of the new venture before it officially opens its doors.

Cat cafes have become increasingly popular around the world since their inception in Japan in the 1990s. Billed as ‘a stress free space where cats and humans come along side each other and unwind’, patrons pay a surcharge towards the care of the cats alongside purchasing from the cafe.

Ellie and Sarah have adopted a ten-cat family, including some more unusual breeds like Ygritte, the Norweigan Forest cat and Aslan, the super-furry longhaired Maine Coone. The cafe will also host a string of special events including film nights, dating events and cat yoga – yoga, with added cats!

Even before launch the pair have built an impressive following of 27,500 on Facebook alone, keeping their followers updated with the progress of the cats and the cafe.

If you want to be involved in the staff training week, comment on their Facebook page by 15th July.

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