Co-working space offers business as usual during holidays

Co-working space offers business as usual during holidays

As the school term comes to an end and the holidays commence, parents who work from home can find their usual office space overrun by children, which is why a Manchester co-working space has designed a special offer to help keep home-based businesses running over the summer.

Professional co-working space Workplace is opening its doors to working parents over the summer holidays by offering 50% off its day passes for the six-week period from 25th July – 2nd September. 

According to the Office for National Statistics, the proportion of people working from home now accounts for 13.7% of the UK workforce – an increase of 12% since 2005. But how do those working from home adapt when their usual routine changes and their work space becomes the playground?

The co-working space aims to bridge the gap between home and office with a range of amenities for members that make it simple to drop in for the day and tackle the workload for only £10 per day. Workplace is centrally located on Oxford Street, close to Oxford Road Station, making it easy for commuters.

Jane Schofield, director of Workplace, said: “As we know only too well from our own families, there can be plenty of distractions at home. We want to make it easier for people to use Workplace as an affordable alternative to their home office for when they need to knuckle down and tackle some work away from the children.”

Julie Mannion, freelance copy writer and Workplace member, added: “Working at home is great but during the school holidays my children are in an out of the house which often makes it hard to concentrate. Spending two days in a quiet co-working environment means I can get plenty of good quality work time and I’m able to spend more time with the children as a result. It’s one of the great advantages of being freelance and having a flexible space like Workplace to use when I need.”