A network engineered for success

A network engineered for success

Four Lancashire entrepreneurs have teamed up to launch a new social network aimed entirely at those in the construction and engineering industries.

Tradefit is a new social network for skilled trades and engineers, and is the brainchild of Sean Wilson, managing director of Premier Building Service Engineers in Blackpool.

It is designed to help tackle the problem many companies face of struggling to find suitable candidates when they need to fill long or short term vacancies.

In order to develop his idea Wilson teamed up with Nathaniel Cassidy, James Duffell, and Tom Stables of Preston based marketing firm 3ManFactory, and Tradefit was born.

Over £60,000 has already been invested and the team are currently hoping to raise a further £10,000 through online crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to fund development of an iPhone app ahead of its launch on 8 September.

Wilson said: “The idea came about after years spent working in the construction industry, struggling to locate the right tradesman for the job.

“Unless you went through recruitment companies, it was extremely difficult to find suitable tradesmen for a job as they don’t tend to have websites or much online presence.

“I’ve tried using LinkedIn, but a lot of the skilled plumbers, electricians, and so on that I’d be looking to find wouldn’t use a network like that as they see it as being for the suits.

“So I decided to set up my own social network to make the whole process of companies finding good engineers and trades people finding work a lot easier.”

The website, which has been in development for the last six months, is more than just jobs, and features forums, news, and competitions. It’ll be the first platform of its kind specifically aimed at the trades.

Tubes, (Peter Dale), from popular Sky Sports show Soccer AM, has also come on board as the ‘face’ of the brand, and will feature in the brand’s marketing campaigns and be helping to push the brand out online.