50,000 helped as the Women's Organisation turns 20

50,000 helped as the Women's Organisation turns 20

Liverpool support organisation the Women’s Organisation has tallied up support for 50,000 women in its twenty years of trading, and is celebrating by pushing on to help even more.

Those women have been aided to explore enterprise, whilst the Women’s Organisation has contributed to a national framework of women’s entrepreneurship, and been invited to other European countries to influence economic policy.

CEO Maggie O’Carroll reflects:  “When I moved to Liverpool the level of unemployment amongst women was shocking.  There was next to no childcare provision locally and women were definitely not being taken seriously as potential entrepreneurs. We knew we needed to do something.

“Now we are seeing far more women in employment and enterprise. Yes we still face challenges of women being underemployed, but the culture is shifting and we can now see more women as business owners and employers.”

A seed of passion from founder Maggie O’Carroll became a catalyst for what is now referred to as the largest provider of women’s enterprise support globally, according to the Diana Project. The firm remains a non-profit business.

In 20 years the Women’s Organisation has: