Delivering the perfect G&T

Delivering the perfect G&T

A luxury online store which delivers artisan gin and tonics straight to customer’s doors is launching in Greater Manchester.

Set up by self employed web developer Adam Wood and his business partner Craig Campbell, The Gin Parlour will stock up to 60 gins initially, working with small and artisan distilleries from across the UK, including local supplier Manchester gin, as well as more exotic offerings from abroad.

After becoming frustrated with the work he was doing, Wood decided he wanted a change and started discussing alternative business opportunities with Campbell.

Wood told BQ it all began with “a genuine love of gin”.

“We agreed that it had to be something I also enjoyed in a personal capacity and both said gin,” he said.

“After some research we realised that it was a rapidly growing market with some really good reward opportunities.”

To date, the entrepreneurial duo has been able to self fund the venture, however remain open minded about the future: “As we grow we will most likely need funding and we will probably take the traditional route of speaking to the bank or seeing what local funding is available for business of our age.”

Despite needing a change from his previous line of work, Wood still thanks it for the knowledge and benefits it has offered during the process of setting up The Gin Parlour.

“As a self employed web developer I’ve been exposed to a broad range of online disciplines which has giving me a good knowledge of server management, SEO, digital marketing, development, design and UX,” he said.

“I’m also used to having to run the business aspect of things. In the planning stages we had advice from the Access to Finance and Growth Accelerator programmes and have had great support from our local business baking manager and some of our suppliers.”

Set to launch in coming weeks, Wood has plenty of big ideas for the future.   

Gifts, hampers and taster packages could soon be on offer from the firm, as well as the potential of a retail and bar premise should all go to plan.

However, for now he has just one thing on his mind: “right now it’s all about gin and I don’t see that changing for the foreseeable!”



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