Queek'd makes finding love less of a chore

Queek'd makes finding love less of a chore

Online dating. Whilst its credibility, along with its social acceptability, has improved over the years, navigating the different types and styles of websites and apps isn’t easy. Elisa Mclean agrees, which is why she created Queek’d – to help people know exactly where to look for love.

Queek’d was borne out of Elisa’s own frustration at not being able to find the right dating site. She says: “I was single, unsure which sites were focused on creating long-term relationships and found myself stumbling through different dating sites trying to find good matches. I knew there must be a better way, so when I couldn’t find one, I decided to create one.”

Queek’d means ‘quick n easy kinda dating’, and helps users to compare dating sites to find the one that offers the most to them – in the same way people might compare electricity providers or car insurers. “We believe that finding the right dating sites and apps should be easy, so we’ve made it that way. Using our custom built matching algorithm and an interactive quiz, we pair users with top UK dating sites,” Elisa says, with the aim to help users find those long lasting relationships.

“As part of our mission to help people find love we share transformational dating advice on our platform and social media pages: This is an entirely new way of advising people’s love lives, with a focus on changing mind-set and emotional transformation.”

Elisa’s entrepreneurial spirit has won her a place on a business accelerator program, and she finds herself based in the Entrepreneurial Spark hatchery in Manchester city centre, as she pursues her second dream of being an ‘international businesswoman’ – her first dream being to dance, a career she enjoyed from 2003 where she was a backing dancer on TV shows and music videos.

Now, she’s focussing on making Queek’d a success. “Entrepreneurial Spark is a fantastic program that has given me everything that I need to make Queek’d a success. The program focuses on helping businesses become credible, backable and investable - which is exactly what I needed when I joined the program earlier this year.

“We have access to mentors, the bank network, financial advisors and 80 other entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off. They’ve definitely accelerated my business and helped me fine-tune the concept.”

So far Elisa has funded everything out of her own pocket, with the help of family members to keep her dream moving forward - but she is now looking for investment. “I can’t deny that it’s been a tough few years,” Elisa admits, “but everything is finally coming together. My plan is to scale Queek’d quite quickly over the next few years, so investment is definitely needed. I’m looking for investors who really understand our vision (preferably conscious investors) and will be reaching out to various Angel networks.”

“I don’t know of any other platform in the UK to do what we do,” Elisa says proudly. “We’re passionate about creating long-term relationships and show our dedication by featuring sites that fall in line with our ethos.” And they focus on personally matching people with the best sites for them.

The web developers for Queek’d are based in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley itself, which means like many entrepreneurs Elisa can find herself working into the night. “I love being my own boss and having the freedom to do what I like,” she says, “but what I love the most is having the freedom to make choices that will impact the world in a positive way. Queek’d isn’t just a job to me; it’s the reason I was born.”

And when it comes to inspiring other entrepreneurs, Elisa has a lot to say. “Find your purpose in the world, make it your life’s work and don’t stop until you’ve achieved your dreams,” she says. “It’s a difficult road to walk so make sure that you have a good network of people around you to celebrate the highs and get you through the lows.

“Take regular trips out in nature to recharge and meditate to increase creativity, clarity and focus.”