Plans put forward for £150m Salford complex

Plans put forward for £150m Salford complex

A planning application for the building of four tower blocks in Salford has been submitted to Salford Council by Fletcher Rae, the architectural firm heading up the Vivere Group build.

If approved, the scheme will see four new tower blocks constructed varying from 26 storeys high to eight. There will be 525 units on the premises, as well as social space, comprised of the following: 

  • 488 apartments (121 1-bed, 181 2-bed, and 189 3-bed apartments)
  • 37, three bedroom, townhouses
  • 150 car parking spaces
  • 200 secure cycle parking spaces
  • A private sky garden above ground level with seating areas
  • Residential lounge, gym, coffee shop, and concierge on ground level
    • Fletcher Rae’s joint managing director at Andrew Rae, said: “The form of the building responds directly to the vision of the site to create a viable and sustainable regeneration development in a strategic location on Regent Road.

      “The development will link to existing community infrastructure and adjacent developments. This proposal is intended to repair the severed link that exists between these communities and developments and create a much needed activity node for movement between these key places in the city.”

      Fletcher Rae expects the City View planning application to be approved in about three months with work to commence in Spring 2018.