Manchester business leaders to Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Manchester business leaders to Stop, Collaborate and Listen

On the 22nd September, XYZ Events, the MPA and pro-manchester are conducting an experiment; bringing together some of the best business minds from across the city to challenge our thinking and ultimately explore innovative ways to collaborate.

Manchester is home to Europe’s second largest cluster of digital and creative industries, a city of academic excellence, forward-thinking public sector agencies and escalating Fintech scene - but how are Manchester businesses collaborating to realise their combined potential?

According to Wikipedia, Collaboration is: “the process of two or more people or organisations working together to realise mutual goals. Collaboration is very similar to, but more closely aligned than, cooperation, and both are an opposite of competition. Teams that work collaboratively can obtain greater resources, recognition and reward when facing competition for finite resources”. 

Sponsored by Apadmi, the event on the 22nd September is part of a programme from XYZ Events which are currently touring the four corners of the city ahead of the XYZ Building opening of its own dedicated event space in Spinngfields early next year.

The collaboration event is a follow-up to the live panel debate which took place earlier this year at home in Manchester, where Manchester’s Digital and Creative Leaders discussed ways to solve the collaboration conundrum.

Chris Reay, estates director of Spinningfields said: “It was apparent from our last collaboration debate that there’s a huge appetite to bring together the passionate creative, digital and professional talent in Manchester. It is so easy to fall into the trap of working in silo, so we look forward to this, our second XYZ collaboration event, bringing together some of best business brains in Manchester and ultimately coming to some clear outcomes on how we can effectively and innovatively collaborative going forward”

A thought provoking talk about the psychology of collaboration will be delivered by Clare Mulligan (Carter Corson) to stir the mind. This will be followed by insightful table discussions led by business leaders from industries including law, media, property, digital, finance and tech. All brought together by Carter Corson's Head of Business, Rupert Cornford.