North West conference to encourage Girls in Tech

North West conference to encourage Girls in Tech

The lack of women in tech is a recognised global issue, with only 26% of jobs in the digital industry held by women, and only 16% of jobs in IT as a whole.

Fiercely aware of this issue and eager to do what they can to make a change, digital marketing agencies Clicky Media has joined up with Liverpool Girl Geeks and UKFast to host OMG! Girls in Tech, a free, female focussed tech event packed full of workshops, networking and inspirational talks at the UKFast Campus in Manchester on 28th October from 9:30am to 5pm.

The event has been designed to discover talent, develop skills and kick start careers in the digital and tech industries. The event will include a number of workshops, including; getting your head around code, confidence building and web development.

As well as talks from the CEO and MD of Clicky Media, delegates will also hear from inspiring women across a broad range of industries, such as keynote speakers like Kate Willard, head of corporate projects for Stobart Group.

Oliver Yeates, founder and CEO comments: “We are always looking to inspire people to get involved in the digital and tech industries, as it is something we are extremely passionate about. With 50% of our team made up of females, very unusual for the industry, at Clicky we go out of our way to encourage talented women to join the team and are constantly striving for equality, knowing from experience, what a vital and talented contribution they are making.

“I believe that nurturing and encouraging women to start a career in this industry is essential to fill the gap between the jobs available, which is set to grow exponentially in the coming years, and the demand for qualified graduates in digital and tech.”

The event is at UKFast’s HQ; Arlene Bulfin, director of people development at UKFast, adds: “At UKFast we’re incredibly passionate about challenging outdated perceptions around girls in tech. Tech and digital businesses like ours have a responsibility to engage with schools and get the message to students about the fantastic career opportunities the sector provides.

“We’ve employed a team of five full-time teachers to help communicate this message and we’re seeing amazing results. Not least from our female tech apprentices and the female students who regularly visit our offices for workshops and immersion days.”

The event will also focus on interview and CV tips and tricks for any delegates already searching for a career in tech, as well as speed networking sessions with tech and digital experts.

Liverpool Girl Geeks have been championing women in tech for many years and have got together with Clicky Media to help support the event. Chelsea Slater from Liverpool Girl Geeks comments: “It is so important for young girls to recognise all of the opportunities there are in the digital and tech space and this is the perfect arena to do it. As well as getting ‘techy’ with code, we will be raising the girls’ confidence, introducing them to mentors and showcasing girl geeks from the North to help them thrive within the industry!”

To find out more about the fantastic opportunity and the totally FREE OMG! Girls in Tech event, click here to register for free tickets.

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