Holiday boost for Travel Counsellors

Holiday boost for Travel Counsellors

Independent travel management company Travel Counsellors has received a major boost from a significant uplift in the number of people booking up for 2017 holidays.

During September, Travel Counsellors reported a bookings increase of 9% internationally and 17% in the UK when compared to the same period last year.

Popular destinations booked in September for next summer include USA, Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Canada, Cyprus and the UK. The top five resorts for summer 2017 are Orlando, Las Vegas, New York, Majorca and Paphos.

UK managing director Kirsten Hughes said: “We’ve seen a marked shift in forward summer bookings this year, with more holidaymakers booking early to avoid disappointment and price hikes.

“We believe there has also been a return in customer confidence when it comes to travelling, and people are no longer willing to put their holiday on hold.

“Capacity and availability was limited this summer due to previously popular destinations like Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey falling off the map, and people don’t want to experience that again next year.”

Recent research commissioned by Travel Counsellors suggests a rise in consumer confidence, with holidaymakers still travelling despite recent global events. Following initial concerns over the impact of Brexit on travel, 53% of UK consumers surveyed said that nothing has changed post-Brexit in the way they book their holidays, with only 6% stating that they would be less likely to book a holiday.

Research findings also revealed that the threat of terrorism would only make 8% of the British public less likely to book a holiday, with 33% reporting that this doesn’t change anything in the way they book their travel. However, 32% stated that terror attacks make them more likely to book destinations perceived as ‘safer’.



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