Omegawater gets set to hit shelves

Omegawater gets set to hit shelves

A young Lancashire entrepreneur who noticed a gap in the market for a low-calorie health drink when he was just 17 is preparing to launch the UK’s first Omega-3 health water.

Marcus Mollinga (21), a keen sportsman from Preston, had the idea of creating a drink for athletes after overcoming a series of sport related injuries.

He now has an exclusive patent for Omegawater in the UK and is hoping to see the product hit shelves in well-known health stores across the UK over the coming months.

Marcus has been supported by the UCLan Innovation Clinic, a part of Boost; Lancashire’s Business Growth Hub, and as a result he hopes to create 10 jobs in the city over the next three years.

He said: “I have always played a lot of sport and used to take olive oil as a supplement mixed with water but it was never quite right, I worked with a company in Lithuania to develop it, but eventually decided on using Omega-3 instead of olive oil.

“Still unable to get it right I knocked it on the head until I discovered a company in America trying to do something similar – I had been ready to import it and distribute it to the UK but then found out that some of the ingredients breached UK regulations.

“After that I really got the buzz for developing and launching this kind of range and I teamed up with some scientists in California to formulate the product.

“It’s the first drink with Omega-3 and vitamins A, D and E in and comes in three flavours. I’ve currently got samples which I’m sending to retailers and the uniqueness of the range is helping to open doors.”

The drink makes 32 health claims and has a one-year shelf life. It was created using technology which resulted in the taste and scent usually associated with omega-3 products being masked.

Marcus added: “Over the years I have done various buying and selling but this is my first proper businesses and the Innovation Clinic has been a helping hand along the way, they advised me on the design, research and target audience and have advised me on a number of elements to enable me to get the product ready for the market.”