Manchester firm makes Alexa their game show host

Manchester firm makes Alexa their game show host

A chart-topping game developed in Manchester that’s been sweeping the globe has been launched for the Amazon Echo, with voice assistant Alexa as its game host.

The Higher Lower Game for Amazon’s Alexa been developed by Manchester digital product agency Code Computerlove. 

Its creation highlights the opportunity for brands and business to develop or adapt clever products to capture users of this increasingly popular technology – taking Echo’s use beyond playing music or operating home appliances.    

The Higher Lower Google search trends game asks players to guess which of two Google search terms is most popular and to see how many they get right in a row to achieve, and continually try to beat, their high score.  It’s very easy to play, highly addictive. 

And initial reaction to the voice game, by players trialling the technology, has been that it’s even more addictive than the original app – with an additional element of Alexa trash talking you when you get a terrible score.

Code Computerlove’s Tony Foggett says: “Higher Lower is part of our IP team’s commitment to building our own consumer facing products that reinforce to clients that we can help them generate money with innovation.” 

Tony added: “Our ongoing development of the game and the platforms on which it can be played is evolving as The Higher Lower Game’s popularity soars. By reinvesting revenue now being generated by the app, we’re able to iterate and improve the game and user experience further.  A version for Amazon Echo was a natural next phase.

“Creating the game for Alexa has been an interesting opportunity to explore this platform in a meaningful way, in line with Code’s test and learn ethos, and as an exercise to experiment with new technologies. We are still iterating the voice interface design, which poses unique design challenges we haven’t faced before."