1,200 Amazon jobs for Warrington

1,200 Amazon jobs for Warrington

A new warehouse will see 1,200 new Amazon staff working alongside the company’s latest automated robots.

The major new operations centre in the north of England will see jobs in operations, engineering, HR and IT located at one of four new fulfilment centres being built by the company this year.

“The Amazon teams are dedicated to innovating in our fulfilment centres to increase efficiency of delivery while enabling greater selection at lower costs for our customers,” said Stefano Perego, director of UK customer fulfilment at Amazon UK.

“The introduction of Amazon robotics in Warrington and Tilbury is the latest example of our commitment to invention in logistics on behalf of our employees and our customers.”

The firm promised wages start at £7.65 per hour with staff also getting stock grants as well as benefits packages.

The jobs are part of a commitment made by Amazon in February, promising 5,000 new jobs across the country in a boost for post-Brexit Britain. By the end of the year, Amazon will employ more than 24,000 UK workers.

The company has already opened one new fulfilment centre this year, Daventry in February, with centres at Doncaster, Warrington and Tilbury to begin operation in the autumn. The Daventry, Doncaster and and Tilbury sites created more than 2,300 new jobs.

Amazon is also opening its first dedicated “receive centre” in Coventry next year, which will act as a central hub to receive and sort millions of products sold by its UK site each year. Recruitment for Coventry, which will create 1,650 jobs, will begin next year.