Stockport firm helping top musicians keep on playing

Stockport firm helps top musicians keep on playing

Guitarist Johnny Marr and New Order’s Tom Chapman are choosing ear protection from Universal dB.

A Stockport company is working with some of the country’s top musicians – to help them protect their hearing.

Universal dB has been supplying the NHS with audiology products for more than 50 years and is now an established major manufacturer of custom earmoulds for TV and entertainment personalities.

Clients using its bespoke ‘in ear’ protection include legendary guitarist Johnny Marr and New Order’s Tom Chapman, who have visited the firm’s facility on the A6 in the centre of Stockport for fittings.

Universal dB is also an approved supplier to TV companies including the BBC, ITV Granada and QVC. Broadcasters from ITV Granada Reports, BBC Northwest Tonight and BBC Radio Manchester benefit from the firm’s custom-made earpieces to hear instructions from studio producers.

Unversal dB employs 28 staff and has been owned by the Lomas family since its formation, but is now run by Chris Turner, General Manager, and Paul Thorpe, Laboratory Manager.

Chris says: “We are proud of our heritage and the NHS is still the mainstay of our market, supplying audiology products to NHS adult and paediatric audiology centres.

Left, Paul Thorpe, Lab Manager with Chris Turner, General Manager

“But we have adapted to new materials and technology which means we can offer a wider range of ear protection products for diverse markets.

“We are now offering custom moulded products for swimming, sports shooting, musicians and live music workers and for other noisy surroundings – and we even have a product to help people sleep in noisy environments.

 “Ear protection is a serious issue for musicians of all styles.  There is more awareness now in the industry as musicians and other workers in the live music industry seek to protect themselves against damage to their hearing.”