Entrepreneur launches UGG cleaning business

Entrepreneur launches UGG cleaning business

Gavin Smith, the entrepreneur behind East Kilbride laundry and dry cleaning specialist Cathkin Clean, has launched a new online business specialising in cleaning UGG boots.

The business is an UGG boot restoration service which aims to prolong the life of the fashionable footwear.

UGG owners from across the UK will be able to send their boots in need of some TLC to be cleaned, fluffed and returned by post.

Smith has launched the company after securing a second round of funding from UK Steel Enterprise (UKSE).

This funding arrives as the dry cleaning arm of the company, William Munro Cleaners, celebrates 150 years in business.

The historic retail dry cleaning brand was rescued from administration by Cathkin Clean in 2009 after hitting financial difficulty.

Gavin Smith, managing director of Cathkin Clean, said: “As William Munro Cleaners celebrates its 150th anniversary, we wanted to mark the occasion by introducing a fresh, new service.

“The freepost option makes UGG boot cleaning accessible throughout the UK with the use of a web-based platform.

“UKSE’s support has enabled us to embellish our offering and improve our processes throughout the company.”