UK’s largest shopping centre solar panel system unveiled

UK’s largest shopping centre solar panel system unveiled

The White Rose shopping centre in Leeds could reduce carbon emissions by 250 tonnes in the first year with new solar panel system.

Landsec, the UK’s largest listed commercial property company, unveiled the installation of the biggest solar photovoltaic (PV) system at a retail site in the UK.

The installation, situated on the roof of the shopping centre, will generate 680,000 kWh of power a year, enough electricity to power over 200 UK homes for 12 months.

The PV will supply 39% of the daytime electricity used in the mall areas of the centre.

It is claimed the system will reduce carbon emissions at White Rose by 250 tonnes - the equivalent of over half a million miles of passenger car emissions.

The solar panel system itself consists of 2,902 individual panels, with each one measuring 1.6 m².

This unveiling is part of an ongoing sustainability strategy at the centre, which also includes a comprehensive bio-diversity programme and a focus on waste reduction.

Scott Parsons, Managing Director of Retail at Landsec, said: “We are extremely proud to have set a UK-wide benchmark for renewable electricity.

“We are committed to setting and achieving ambitious sustainability targets and this is a fantastic example of how innovative thinking can benefit both retailers and the environment.”

Landsec is the UK’s largest listed commercial property company, with 23.2 million sq ft of real estate and a portfolio valued at £14.4 billion.

The company is pushing sustainability in all of its business developments with nine assets currently having their own solar system installed.

Last year, it became the first property company in the UK to use 100% renewable electricity.