Winds of change in Hull

Winds of change in Hull

The UK’s economic decision makers looking for the perfect conditions to encourage more business start-ups would do well to set their satnavs for Harrogate.

For the town has been officially recognised as Yorkshire’s most entrepreneurial place. It was ranked 16th out of 150 towns and cities in terms of its business creation rate, with six new businesses per 10,000 people being started, compared to 0.8 nationally.


Harrogate was ranked higher than anywhere else in Yorkshire in the study carried out by accountancy networking group UHY Hacker Young.


Perhaps there’s entrepreneurial magic in the town’s famous spring water. Or, more likely, the boss of the local chamber’s assessment has the answer: “The very high standard of education in the local area is a good foundation for encouraging the business leaders of the future, whether they choose to go on to university or enter work straight from sixth form,” says Brian Dunsby.


“This creates a very positive atmosphere for new businesses and local parents often encourage younger generations to look at entrepreneurship as a viable option for their careers – not just something to turn to if they are out of work.


“When people set up a new business, they often find Harrogate is an ideal place to succeed in their ambitions.”