Building Your Management Toolkit: Marketing Management

Building Your Management Toolkit: Marketing Management

As a professional manager you need to understand the marketing strategy of your organisation. A good grasp of the benefits of marketing can help you build competitive advantage, leading to improved customer satisfaction through products and processes that add more value.

Paul Butler from Aston Business School explains how you can improve your marketing thinking.

Marketing plays a central and strategic role in any successful business.  As a professional manager you will need to understand and communicate how your organisation can best use marketing tools and techniques to help deliver strategic value.  Keep your marketing decisions on track by asking yourself the following four questions:

Q1: Why do your customers buy your products or services?

It is important to move beyond opinions and intuition and focus on gathering and analysing real data about real customers.  Businesses that do not take this aspect of marketing seriously run the risk losing sales and market share to their competitors.

Q2: What do your customers think about the competition?

How your customers perceive your competitors is hugely significant.  With the rise of the internet and web-based comparison tools it has become much easier to compare suppliers and to share that information with others instantly.  It is important that you keep a watching brief on these areas of customer intelligence.

Q3: Can you segment your market?

Targeting segments within a market can be a very effective driver of sales, especially when the focus of differentiation is on customer need.  This process also means that you can identify those customers that add the most value, and direct your marketing efforts accordingly.

Q4: What’s your plan?

Your marketing plan should:

  • Identify the goals you’re trying to achieve and how marketing can contribute to a successful outcome
  • Ensure that everyone in the business knows what a successful outcome means in this context
  • Ensure that everyone in the business understands what they personally must do to help achieve the goals.

Once you are able to answer these questions, you will feel confident in contributing to informed decisions about strategic direction, helping the business spend less time reacting to competitors and more time innovating for market leadership.

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