Would your business benefit from cheap energy or free infrastructural improvements?

Would your business benefit from cheap energy or free infrastructural improvements?

Just because some people understand the business benefits of getting renewable energy systems installed, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they go on and do it. Which is a shame, really, as every time a business actively decides not to move into renewables, it means that a valuable investment opportunity is lost.

So what makes people turn their backs on such an opportunity? Well there can be a few things that can stand in the way. Seemingly higher priorities, for one; reason number two is that any leap into the unknown is difficult; three, a lack of knowledge on the subject matter; reason four – perhaps the most crucial –concerns the cost implications of getting, say, a solar PV or new renewable heating system installed.

With a bit of sound advice from a good company, the obstacles relating to reasons one, two and three can be easily surmounted. But what about the cost? Well, getting around this one may be easier than you think. And not only could your business benefit from, say, cheap electricity or a bit of infrastructural improvement at your premises, but what’s more, you may be able to get such benefits for free.

Where’s the catch? Well, there isn’t one, really. I’ll give you an example to show how it works.

Say you’re at a business which can’t or doesn’t want to fund, up-front, the installation of a solar PV system (I’ve chosen solar PV as example as it is a popular choice). At Tadea-UK, we have access to a number of investors who want to fund such work, and who can. These investors are looking for suitable sites on which to build renewable energy systems. The investor would cover the costs of the installation, and in return, when the system is commissioned, their return on investment would predominantly come from the Government’s payments for energy generation – the Feed-In Tariff for solar energy, and the Renewable Heat Incentive for heating systems. These income streams last for 20 years.

But what’s in it for the ‘host’ business? Well, depending on the contractual agreement made, the host firm would be guaranteed cheaper electricity – perhaps a 10-20% reduction in costs. If your premises are a little old and in need of some improvement, then that can be factored in too. Only relatively energy efficient buildings are eligible for Feed-In Tariff and Renewable Heat Incentive payments – this means an investor may be willing to make additional energy efficiency improvements to your building in order to make investing in a renewable energy system at your business worthwhile. It is win-win.

Sound interesting? Well, if you meet the following criteria, Tadea-UK can work with you to provide advice about how best to tailor a package to benefit your business.

If you are interested in attracting free-to-install energy efficiency investment:

  • The business must own, and not rent, the property in which it is based.
  • ·       For those interested in solar PV systems, the building must have at least 200 m2 of unshaded, southerly-facing roof space (for comparison, the area of a singles tennis court is around 195 m2).
  • Those interested in getting a new renewable heating system installed must be based in reasonably-sized commercial properties in order to make any potential investment worthwhile.

To find out more about the benefits of renewable energy for businesses and how your organisation can get involved, contact commercial@tadea.com or call 0845 602 9569.

More information is available at http://www.tadea.com/Sustainable-Businesses/Energy-Management-Service/Home