Fairfax launches whisky investment service

Fairfax launches whisky investment service

Glasgow-headquartered Fairfax Whisky has officially launched its new whisky investment service.

The launch of the service comes at a time when whisky investing is growing in popularity among leading investors across the globe.

Fairfax has employed a number of leading whisky experts to help educate investors about the industry and various investment types available. 

“Fairfax Whisky is dedicated to helping investors understand investment-grade whisky and its place in a diversified portfolio” said the chief executive of Fairfax Whisky.

“Whisky investing has existed for centuries, but has been limited to insiders. With the launch of Fairfax Whisky we’re giving all investors access to this lucrative opportunity.” 

Fairfax Whisky extends a family business which has marketed rare antiques and collectibles since 1957.

Its headquarters in Glasgow, and subsequent offices in Hong Kong and Philippines, are at the heart of the high-end whisky industry offering investors access to the best whisky in the world.