Fifty jobs to be created at SGP Technology

Fifty jobs to be created at SGP Technology

Newcastle-based SGP Technology Group is looking to create around 50 jobs this year having tripled its turnover year-on-year since 2011.

Having started out as a single company - SGP Consulting in 2011 - the group formation is expected to take turnover from £59,000 in 2011 to a group turnover of £5.2m in 201617. 

The company now employs 52 people, having started out with three, and aims to boost its workforce to over 100 by the end of the year.

Stephen Purvis, founder and group CEO, added: “The North East is leading the way in the growth of the technology sector, and that is backed by our continued investment in SGP Technology Group and the associated high growth rate.

“The North East is an exceptional region, of which I am very proud to call home. Our growth and success is predicated on the investment we make in our people, in upskilling graduates and raising the aspirations of software engineering professionals in the region.

“The North East has the opportunity to be a leading light in the Northern Powerhouse, and SGP Technology Group is playing its part in delivering wealth creation and highly skilled jobs.”

SGP Consulting opened its first office in Wiltshire in 2010 and then expanded in 2013 to establish its headquarters in Newcastle, firmly positioning SGP in the heart of the region’s technology sector.

SGP Technology Group is made up of:

  • SGP Consulting - a bespoke software house and IT consultancy provider.
  • Technical Due Diligence – a provider of technical due diligence advice to investors on the technical risks involved with investments, on deals from £250,000 up £13.5m.
  • SGP Investments Limited – an intellectual property rights and investment holding company that holds the group’s minority investments.
  • Code Academy - a training provider which aims to improve the North East's software engineering talent pool.