Mattress partnership protects jobs in Cheshire

Mattress partnership protects jobs in Cheshire

A Cheshire-based foam manufacturer has teamed up with Bradford-based Zing Mattress protecting jobs in Hyde.

Breasley Foam has secured a contract to produce foam and fold mattresses, made of memory foam and 5G cooltech, for Zing Mattress.

The Bradford start-up selected Breasley Foam, which also has plants at Ilkeston and Wirksworth in Derbyshire, because of its range of products using quality materials.

The mattresses are delivered, across the UK, in a compact box, enabling any consumer to lift them upon arrival.

Darren Crowshaw, sales manager of Breasley Foam, said: “This is a new part of the market which is developing very quickly but Zing have got the edge on other entrants.

“Increasingly consumers are buying online because it is easier and our technology enables this to be translated to the foam mattress sector which traditionally has demanded instore purchase and home delivery.

“We succeeded by working alongside the company to develop an innovative product which uses high quality materials which are also very robust. 

David Bairstow of Zing said he had been inspired to start the business after struggling to find the right kind of mattress he wanted in store and being embarrassed at the purchase process.

“We realised people prefer to buy in the privacy of their own home confident that if it isn’t suitable it can be returned for a refund, so that is what we are offering,” he said.

“The Zing mattress has three unique layers that provide durability, comfort and a top layer of cool technology to eliminate body heat.  With a 100% money back guarantee it all adds up to a great night’s sleep.”

The new mattress is only available online and targets the female 25 – 60 market relying on its health benefits, portability and 111 day money back guarantee.



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