UK businesses value 'University of Life' savvy over academic achievement

UK businesses value 'University of Life' savvy over academic achievement

New research from eBay’s Employee Skills Index suggests that one in three small and medium businesses (SMBs) is planning on hiring in the coming months.

The research has also shown that employers are less interested in formal qualifications when it comes to choosing a candidate, and more interested in skills gained through hands-on life experience.

Now 56% of employers were shown to place value on experience above anything else, which is good news for the 900,000 more 50-64 year olds now in work than in 2010.

Seven out of 10 SMB recruiters describe an applicant having a degree as ‘unimportant’ and 61% are drawn to candidates who have a strong grasp of marketing and advertising.

Digital skills are also favoured by employers, specifically social media experience and coding, as many online retailers are looking to bring this expertise in-house.

Tanya Lawler, vice president of eBay UK, said: “The nature of business, especially online retail, is changing rapidly.

“Our business-savvy SMB community is on the look-out for versatile talent - regardless of age, background or gender - with the personable skills and life experience to help them develop and grow.

“It’s good news for the online retail space and for new hires as recruitment picks up in 2016.”


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