Natural growth for Georganics

Natural growth for Georganics

Fed up with high street oral care products filled with chemicals, Alex Rocchi started selling his own range of natural tooth pastes and mouth wash from a market stall in South London last year. A year on, Georganics is now selling across the UK.

West Sussex-based Georganics produces natural, unconventional oral care products from local, organic and food-grade ingredients.

Young entrepreneur Alex Rocchi launched the business last year from a market stall in South London initially to see how customers would react.

After only a year in business the company is already employing two people, turning over £120,000 and is being stocked by healthy supermarket chain Wholefoods UK.

He told BQ: “I set-up Georganics in 2015, like many others I started having irritation from commercial products that led me to create my own range of oral care for home and selling to our local community soon later. This soon progressed from a market stall to an online business.”

After receiving a warm reception from locals, Rocchi knew the business model would work, and knew there was further scope for growth.

Rocchi applied to the Entrepreneurial Spark programme and was asked to join the programmes Brighton hatchery as one of the centre’s chiclets.

Following support from his business mentor, Rocchi began investing in marketing and their ecommerce platform and started pitching his products to external stockists.

This led to Georganics being stocked across all nine Wholefoods UK stores across the UK and Rocchi has exciting plans for the future.

He said: “Over the next year we are hoping to double our headcount from two to four as well as grow turnover from £120,000 to £300,000.

“We will also be working hard to try and find the right stockists to help take the brand forward as we look to continue growing the brand.”

Jim Duffy, CEO of Entrepreneurial Spark, said: “Alex and the team at Georganics have done a great job of growing their start-up since joining Entrepreneurial Spark.

"Their #GoDo attitude and innovative approach to bringing new products to a very saturated market led by global players is to be commended and we’re sure that the Wholefoods deal will be very successful."

BQ will continue to follow the Georganics story as the company continues to grow.