EE brings 200 jobs to North Tyneside

EE brings 200 jobs to North Tyneside

Mobile operator EE has completed the first stage of its pledge to onshore 100% of customer service calls, creating more than 200 North Tyneside customer service roles as part of 500 new roles across UK and Ireland this year.

The firm, which is part of BT Group, is creat8ing a further 550 customer service roles before the end of the year.

The next phase of onshoring includes recruitment drives for 130 new roles in North Tyneside, 130 in Darlington, 140 in Plymouth and 150 in Merthyr Tydfil to provide the staff to handle all EE Home Broadband and pay-as-you-go customer services calls in the UK and Ireland.

The move back to the UK has already had positive results, with EE mobile complaints continuing to to decline for three consecutive quarters. Mobile complaints to Ofcom have dropped 50% year on year and now fall well below the industry average with fewer than six complaints per 100,000 customers.

EE CEO Marc Allera said:“Earlier this year, we set out ambitions to transform the experience and service we provide our customers, including returning all customer service roles to the UK and Ireland.

“We’ve had fantastic feedback from our customers about the changes we’ve made so far and the number of complaints has plummeted - but we’re not stopping there.

“There’s still more we want to achieve and we’re creating over 550 additional service jobs here in the UK to fully onshore all customer service roles, and provide the best possible experience for our customers.” 


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