Macfarlane group to invest £6.75m in Nelsons

Macfarlane group to invest £6.75m in Nelsons

Glasgow-based packaging firm Macfarlane group is set to purchase Nelsons for Cartons and Packaging Ltd in conjunction with plans to raise £5.8m from shareholders.

The firm is paying up to £6.75m to buy Leicester-based Nelsons, a long standing packaging distributor, which Macfarlane directors believe will provide access to new customers and will increase the Company’s shelf ready packaging product range.

The acquisition will be the company’s third takeover deal in the last four months as part of MacFarlane’s wider growth plan.

Macfarlane's chief executive, Peter Atkinson said: "The addition of Nelsons Packaging to the Macfarlane Group is another significant step forward in our growth strategy.

“Nelsons is a high quality business and in addition to improving the Macfarlane presence in the East Midlands, the Nelson team bring specific expertise in corrugate packaging applications which will be of wider benefit to Macfarlane”



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