Partnership prepares Desco for global expansion

Partnership prepares Desco for global expansion

Sunderland-based mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering firm Desco has joined a larger engineering group as part of plans to expand into new sectors, other parts of the country and abroad.

The firm, which has offices in Sunderland, London, Croydon, Leeds, Qatar, and Manila, has joined forces with London-based multi-disciplinary engineering firm Pell Frischmann, which is owned by German RAG Stiftung Investment Company.

RAG Stiftung Investment Company is developing a group of market-leading consulting practices including Pell Frischmann in the UK and Dorsch Gruppe in Germany.

Pell Frischmann leads the initiative in the UK to attract other complementary businesses to the group.

As it joins Pell Frischmann Desco will keep its existing management board and structures in place.

Paul Marshall, managing director at Desco, said: “This marks a new and exciting phase for Desco as we accelerate our growth strategy with the backing of a major international investor and Pell Frischmann’s expertise in the transport, water and environment sectors.”

Tushar Prabhu, chief executive of Pell Frischmann, added: “The North East boasts a fine tradition of engineering excellence and Desco’s success is a tribute to that.

“We see major opportunities ahead for growth and are pleased to welcome Desco to our team.”



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