Advanced adds 150 new members to its team

Advanced adds 150 new members to its team

Software provider Advanced has hired 150 new recruits within 4 months, of which 96% are millennials.

As part of a major talent acquisition the firm aimed to boost its team, which will see the fir recruit 1,000 roles during 2016 and 17, 400 of which will be based in the company’s new Midlands HQ at the Mailbox in Birmingham.

So far 90% of the new hires are graduates, however the firm has only hired 6% of A-level and aims to increase this figure.

Gordon Wilson, CEO, Advanced said: “As a major British employer, we have a responsibility, as well as an opportunity, to identify and inspire dynamic talent to join our team.

“As we transform and re-imagine our business, we know that having an agile workforce is important in being able to grow and prosper in this changing world. We know motivated millennials play an important role in that, whether they have graduated or not.

“We want today’s A-level students to understand they have a real choice about their future and one of the options available to them is to enter the workplace immediately with the right company. 

“We now have proven evidence that we can identify and attract graduates, but recognise that A-level students are an untapped opportunity.”

Alex Arundale, HR director, Advanced said: “For many reasons, university is simply not the right choice for all A-level students but we are challenging the pre-conceived idea that this rules out a successful professional career in the IT industry.

“We’re passionate about having a recruitment programme that avoids unconscious bias, and that is based on skills and competency with candidates from diverse backgrounds. We believe it should be based on capability and potential, ensuring everyone is given a chance – frankly, CVs are thrown out the window.

“Feedback from our millennials tells us that they feel we provide a stimulating learning environment for them to operate in which provides them with the professional development they are looking for.”

In the last eight years Advanced has grown to a £750m company and currently works with more than 20,000 organisations including Virgin Trains, Harvey Nichols, Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Carewatch.

After being acquired Vista Equity Partners in March 2015, the business has undergone significant transformation and investment in its people and is looking to further growth through its recruitment programme.

Advanced’s transformation programme includes a four stage programme of re-branding, relocation, restructure and recruitment.



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