Scottish craft beer sales on the rise at Waitrose

Scottish craft beer sales on the rise at Waitrose

Sales of Scottish craft beer and premium-bottled ales at Waitrose have more than doubled in just three months.

Figures show sales are growing six times faster than premium-bottled ales in the rest of the UK as demand soars.  This is the first time the sales growth of Scottish products in the range has outperformed products from the rest of the UK. 

The trend has coincided with Waitrose increasing the number of Scottish breweries it works with in to 24 in late May, which enabled the retailer to double the number of craft beers it offers. More than 90 Scottish beers, lagers and ales are now available in the supermarket. 

The nine new breweries, which started supplying Waitrose in late spring, have already experienced significant increases with their combined sales up more than 10% this month compared to July.  

Among those new breweries is the microbrewery, Fallen in Stirlingshire that has seen sales of its unfiltered beer rise by 35% in recent weeks.  Paul Fallen of Fallen Brewing said: “Waitrose are the first big multiple that Fallen Brewing has supplied. We aim to provide our customers with the best quality beers we can make.

“Waitrose, as one of the leading supermarket brands with such high standards was the ideal partner for us to start supplying our products to a wider audience.”

The Tempest Brewing Company in Tweedbank is also a new supplier to Waitrose and has seen sales rise by 17% from July to August. Annika Meiklejohn, director of The Tempest Brewing Company said: “Working with Waitrose has been a great venture for our brewery in making our beers more visible and widely available across Scotland. We have a shared dedication to quality and a genuine enthusiasm for unique, interesting produce, so our experience with the team has been hugely positive and we look forward to a continued partnership in the future.”

Even the more established breweries have experienced growth, Aviemore’s Cairngorm brewery has supplied the supermarket since it opened its first Scottish stores 10 years ago, but has still seen a 30% increase in sales over the same period.

Waitrose local and regional buyer, Oliver O’Mara said: “There are no guarantees that by doubling the number of products available you will simply double sales, but that is exactly what has happened - the demand has been phenomenal.  

“Our partnership with Food and Drink Hub Scotland and the continued support of Scotland Food and Drink has enabled us to put together one of the biggest selections of craft beer and ales of any supermarket.”

“Scottish breweries are making some of the best craft beers in the UK and continue to push the boundaries of innovative new styles.”


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