#ThisisMINE and why it matters

#ThisisMINE and why it matters

Shining The Spotlight, hosted at the Wylam Brewery in Newcastle last week, saw businesses from the North East's creative digital sector gathered to witness the unveiling of Digital Union's media strategy. BQ’s Suzy Jackson explains why she took a seat on the panel, and what the movement means.

When I ambled up to the Wylam Brewery last week – dodging swans all the way – I was greeted with a vibrant orange booklet emblazoned with the hashtag #ThisIsMINE, and it made me smile.

Because pride, in our North Eastern selves and in our heritage, is perhaps our greatest asset that hasn’t been fully utilised yet.

I was proud to be invited to sit on the media panel, talking about what makes a great Tech story; proud to sit alongside my peers and hear them all talk with belief and passion about the great things the North East already has, already does, when it comes to creative and digital talent.

#ThisIsMINE is a forward facing statement, about instilling that sense of pride and self-worth in an industry which isn’t always that easy to understand from the outside.

It’s the North East’s digital and creative community collectively jumping up and down, waving their arms in the air, not just refusing to be ignored but assertively insisting on being noticed.

It’s that community continuing to grow and develop, continuing the impressive economic growth that it’s already produced, continuing to make a noise – but with one voice, and with a consolidated message.

I made a statement during the panel session about knowing your audience and who you want to talk to, when it comes to engaging with the media. It’s absolutely understandable that if your customers are not in the region, you’re less likely to look to the region for promotion.

But remember who you want to employ; who you want to work with and alongside. If you want to stay here, you need a workforce, irrespective of the location of your audience.

That’s where the Northern Creative and Digital Talent campaign fits… Our attempt to retain and grow the talented creative and digital workforce in this sector in the North. 

BQ’s focus is on celebrating and inspiring entrepreneurship, and that entrepreneurship is so evident in this sector. We know there are a thousand stories out there, waiting to be told, and along with all of the other panellists on the night, we’re here waiting to help you to tell them.

We’ll be tagging everything that we do in the North East which touches on this sector with #ThisIsMINE, because we’re as proud to be talking about it as you are to be living it.

I’ll let Generator's CEO, Jim Mawdsley, steal the spotlight with a snippet from his speech on the night:

"As a sector, we are in charge of our own destiny and possess much more creative flair than other regions. It is time for the North East creative digital community to come of age. We need to shine the spotlight on all of the amazing work that is being produced here.

"We need the national media to know what we're doing and that the North East is not only a hot bed for creative digital talent but also an amazing collaborative and dynamic cluster."

And we’re happy to play our part… just talk to us. Simple!


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