Night Tube rollout continues

Night Tube rollout continues

London’s Night Tube is set to extent onto the Northern Line next month providing another shot in the arm for the city’s night time economy.

The Mayor of London Saidq Khan has confirmed that the Night Tube will launch on the Northern line next month following the success of the service since its launch back in August.

Khan has also revealed that nearly three-quarters of a million journeys – beating original predictions – have been made on the Central and Victoria line Night Tube services since they began, with hundreds of thousands of Londoners benefitting from quicker and easier journeys to and from work and London’s night life.

Tonight (7 October), the Jubilee line becomes the third service to be launched, providing links to key venues like The O2 and Wembley Stadium, as well as cultural venues along the South Bank, as it runs from Stanmore to Stratford.

The new Northern line services will run from High Barnet and Edgware, via the Charing Cross branch, to Morden, from Friday 18 November. This will help even more Londoners travel to and from work, as well as helping those accessing the capital’s iconic nightlife venues; from the vibrant music scene in Camden to bars and restaurants in Clapham via world-class culture in the West End.    

Khan said: “There was a real buzz from when we launched the first Night Tube services in August, and I am delighted that the Jubilee line services are now up and running.

“Hundreds of thousands of Londoners have already benefited, and it’s great news that so many more will now be able to enjoy our world-class cultural venues on the South Bank, as well as venues such as The O2 and Wembley Stadium, without needing to make that late dash for the last Tube.

“Being from Tooting, I’m also really looking forward to the start of services on the Northern line next month.”

The Night Tube is already cutting journeys by an average of 20 minutes, with some cut by more than an hour.

The services are playing a vital role in opening up London's night-time economy, boosting it by £77m a year and supporting around 2,000 permanent jobs.

This positive impact has already seen increased footfall on Oxford Street and the West End.