It's time to deliver on airport expansion

It's time to deliver on airport expansion

Commenting on the decision on Airport Expansion in the South East of England, Scottish Chambers of Commerce (SCC) chief executive Liz Cameron calls for the process to be accelerated to ensure that Scotland and the UK benefits from the investment as soon as possible.

Whilst it is welcome that at long last, the UK Government has come to a decision on airport expansion in the south east of England, we remain concerned that there are still delays ahead in this process. 

The news that It would take up to a year to secure final Parliamentary approval for the project is yet another unnecessary delay to delivering vital infrastructure investment in the UK.

London’s major airports are continuing to operate at or near capacity and the longer it takes before work starts on expansion, the further behind our competitor nations we will fall in terms of connectivity.

Now more than ever, Scotland’s businesses need to be connected to the world, as we look to secure trading links the world over and encourage more of our businesses to export, particularly our small and medium sized businesses.

Investors are looking for the green light from Government to push the button and get this new development underway, and Scottish businesses will be looking to win contracts and create jobs. 

Airport expansion should be a win-win situation for business and for connectivity. Let’s stop kicking it into the long grass and get on with reaping the economic benefits that the UK and Scotland so badly need.