Secarma to continue investing in London

Secarma to continue investing in London

Manchester-headquartered cybersecurity firm Secarma is set to double the size of its London base following a number of major client wins.

Secarma and UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones acquired application security specialists Pentest in May this year for an undisclosed fee.

The move added 50 ethical hackers and CHECK and CREST accreditation to the security firm, which previously supplied services exclusively to UKFast’s customer base. 

 “The momentum the acquisition of Pentest gives us significant increases in expertise and resources.  

"Cybersecurity is in the news daily and the risks are growing at an alarming rate. If hackers are able to disrupt sophisticated companies like Twitter and Facebook and take them offline, it’s a wake-up call for us all. 

“The acquisition adds some amazing clients to our books. We have a very diverse customer base including a few of the largest Silicon Valley operations, along with some more traditional British establishments.

“It also gives us a highly accredited team which is well respected in the industry. The quality of the team was ultimately the reason we chose invest in Pentest rather than some of the other firms on the market.

“We’ve had some good client wins and some significant expansion within our existing client base since the acquisition and there are clearly opportunities to grow further.

"The British business community is beginning to understand the risks online and as a consequence the security market is going to grow for the foreseeable future."

The doubling of the London office is set to see the firm develop its southern client base and talent pool within the capital. 

“We’re attracting some exciting new talent in both London and Manchester, and whilst it is exiting to expand, I am mindful that the companies culture needs to remain intact."