Bucks businesses ‘not afraid of Brexit’

Bucks businesses ‘not afraid of Brexit’

Around nine in 10 Buckinghamshire businesses plan no change in their activity levels post-EU referendum and those who do plan change, indicate an increase, according to new research.

This is one of the findings of the 2016 Buckinghamshire Business Survey, commissioned by Buckinghamshire Business First.

The report gathered the views of local businesses on a wide range of issues, including Brexit, exporting, broadband and the structure of local government.

Businesses were first asked whether they planned to increase or decrease their current levels of activity in specified areas, such as exporting and investment in marketing and training.

Respondents were then asked how these plans had been affected by the result of the EU referendum back in June.

Far more businesses indicated they would be increasing their activity levels in almost every area compared to those who would be decreasing activity, while the impact of the EU referendum was largely non-existent.

Where businesses did suggest that the result would have an impact on them, this commonly led to a planned increase in activity in areas like training, marketing, R&D activity, exporting and their online presence.

Commenting on the results, Philippa Batting, managing director of Buckinghamshire Business First, said: “Buckinghamshire is an entrepreneurial, small firm economy that achieves very high levels of productivity. 

"Our 2016 Business Survey, conducted in August and September, shows businesses expect the county’s economy to continue to thrive regardless of Brexit, exactly what you’d expect in the ‘Entrepreneurial Heart of Britain’. 

"With strengths in sectors such as life sciences, the creative industries and space propulsion, our businesses will continue to trade across the world.”

For more information and to read the full 2016 Buckinghamshire Business Survey report, click here.


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