Japanese investment firm to acquire Calsonic Kansei

Japanese investment firm to acquire Calsonic Kansei

Japanese investment giant KKR has announced plans to acquire automotive component manufacturer Calsonic Kansei, which has plants in Sunderland and Washington, for a fee of up to £3.5bn.

KKR has tabled an offer to acquire Nissan’s 41% share in Calsonic Kansei which is expected to go through by February 2017.

BQ understands KKR is then hoping to acquire the extra 51% of the company over the following 12 months to take full control of the company.

Yasuhiro Yamauchi, Nissan’s chief competitive officer, believes the deal will help Calsonic Kansei grow as a business. 

He said: “This agreement was reached because we share common interests and goals.

“Nissan is hoping to further increase the competitiveness of Calsonic Kansei—one of our most important partners—and KKR recognises the company’s potential.”

As well as supplying automotive components to Nissan, Calsonic Kansei also supplies other OEM’s such as Renault and General Motors.

Hiro Hirano, CEO of KKR Japan, added: “Calsonic Kansei is a best-in-class auto-parts manufacturer that supplies high-quality products to the world’s largest automotive brands.

“As a partner to Calsonic Kansei’s management team, we aim to assist the company in achieving its growth ambitions and make available our international network and industry expertise to continue Calsonic Kansei’s success globally.”

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