It got me dancing in the streets

It got me dancing in the streets

Jennifer Connolly, director of sales and marketing for Fraser Suites in Scotland and a part-time dance teacher, found a partner that swept her off her feet

It’s seldom that an object like a motor car would move me to compare it with a great night on the dance floor. Nonetheless, when asked by BQ if I’d like to do a car review, I jumped at the chance.

While I have always liked cars, and posh shiny ones at that, I don’t get too emotional about the experience.  Although I distinctly remember growing up around the new cars that my dad would get and I always loved going for a spin around the block in his latest polished and pristine vehicle when it arrived.

When I found out I’d be driving a Maserati, I was over the moon. Even the name is so evocative of Italian style and panache. Arriving at the Park’s showroom on the day of the test drive I was glad I’d brought my passport as ID as I thought I’d need a ticket to board, it was huge!

The car I was driving was a gorgeous, Maserati Quattroporte 3.0 V6 Diesel. Quite a bit larger than my 118D BMW Coupe which I drive just now. I jumped in and did a quick safety check, advised my envious husband where the nearest exit was and we were off.

As we cruised away I could feel how powerful yet smooth this car was: a motor for those definitely with comfort and luxury in mind. The walnut dash board, the soft leather seats, the extensive onboard computer all worked to build a very pleasant experience on the road.

As an automatic, it made it even easier to drive – almost like you were chauffeuring yourself around.

Maseratti Montage

What I really wanted to do was put my foot down and see what this car could do – so we headed to Loch Lomond and I hit the sport button. Now, this was my kind of car. Far more responsive, I could feel the tyres gripping the road and a quick tap of the accelerator to the floor dropped a gear and you heard the engine growl, a fantastic rib-rubbing noise.

I was just disappointed there were no Grand Prix tunnels to drive through en route to get the fully sensaround experience.

We stopped for a coffee as I wanted to inspect the car a little more. My first thought was ‘must check the boot. Could you fit two big bags of pom poms in there?’ Seems like a strange question, but when you teach up to 100 pupils to dance in a week you need a boot that will fit these needs -– no matter how fancy the car.

My full-time job as director of sales for Fraser Suites Glasgow and Edinburgh, doesn’t call for anything quite as exciting but I do need a car that will take me on sales trips and get me there in one, comfortable piece.

Frasers Hospitality is a global chain of serviced apartments offering comfort, ease and a home from home for our clients. This car actually fits the same kind of bill. I often need to drive to meetings and arrive fresh, relaxed and on time. I imagine this car would do all of the above as well as put a smile on my face every day! And I’m sure it would get a few admiring looks from customers and colleagues.

The boot space was more than adequate for all my dance gear! The back seats came with fold down tables and USB points. The front with all the mod cons, sunroof and the all-important cup holders!

If I had a spare £80,000 to buy this car would I? The V6 diesel starts at £69,230 and this version with its various options is listed at £80,173. At this stage I think I still prefer the smaller sports convertible that was sitting in the forecourt but I can totally get the appeal of this amazing car.

Maybe in a few years – when the business has delivered the returns to give me a cracking bonus – this could be one of my ‘must-haves’. Certainly, the sound and style of a Maserti could definitely get me dancing in the streets.