American consortium invests in Orenda turbines

An independent American consortium has made a significant six figure investment in wind turbines from Livingston-based wind specialist manufacturer Orenda Energy Solutions.

The investment, thought to be in excess of £1m, will see Orenda's SKYE turbine installed at pre-determined locations across the UK, with the consortium expecting to achieve an aggregate rate of return of approximately 14% over a 20 year period through the UK Government Feed-in Tariff.

The investment will spearhead the process of procuring further investor-ready consented sites throughout the UK and on mainland Europe, where Orenda already has a strong foothold in the Italian small/medium wind market.

Steve McMahon, VP sales and marketing, Orenda, said: "This is a quantum leap forward for Orenda. It shows great support and faith in our turbine and it establishes confirmation of one of our core value propositions - to provide 'best in class' financial return on investment in the small/medium wind turbine space.

"Any major purchase of our product is welcome and it's particularly striking that an American consortium looking for opportunities overseas has opted for Orenda Energy's Skye turbine."

The company anticipates having ten sites available for investment in the UK and a similar number available in Italy by the middle of 2015.


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