Strong signs for Scottish job market

Strong signs for Scottish job market

The number of job vacancies in Scotland is set to hit its highest number for over a year according to new research.

The New Year will begin with a welcome boost for jobseekers, as the jobs outlook is at its most positive since the third quarter of 2013, according to Manpower’s latest Jobs Outlook report.

This is set to be boosted by a rise in customer service roles in Glasgow and financial services roles in Edinburgh.

Although the position in Scotland slightly lags the UK average of +7%, it is a much rosier outlook than the whole of 2015, when hiring intentions hovered around 0%.

Amanda White, operations manager at Manpower UK, said: “Scotland had a pretty gloomy 2015, with the outlook bumping along around zero for all four quarters.

“However the new year heralds a very encouraging uptick in job prospects for the region with a five-point leap in the outlook.

“Scotland has a spring in its step and what’s especially encouraging is that the majority of roles are full time and permanent.”

She added: “In Edinburgh, we’re seeing most opportunities within financial services and customer service roles.

“Jobseekers with the combination of language and customer-facing skills are particularly in demand and can take their pick of some plum roles.

“Over in Glasgow, customer service roles in contact centres are also top of the pile and we are seeing significant volume hiring taking place.

“With such strong demand for these skills and a limited number of people who tick all the right boxes, positions are getting more difficult to fill, which has extended the length of the hiring process.

“Elsewhere in Scotland, Aberdeen is still struggling in the wake of the oil price problems of earlier in 2015 and the city is now experiencing the secondary effects, as other sectors such as hospitality and retail struggle with reduced demand.

“However, in previous quarters the jobs market in Grangemouth has suffered, but, in line with the overall positive mood in Scotland, we are encouraged to see some demand for industrial expertise this quarter.”