Jamie Oliver champions Scottish Seafood

Jamie Oliver champions Scottish Seafood

Jamie Oliver is set to champion Scottish langoustines in his new Channel 4 television series ‘Jamie & Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast’.

Oliver is expected to highlight the excellent quality of Scottish seafood – the majority of which is currently being shipped abroad instead of consumed on home ground. 

In a bid to encourage viewers to eat more locally sourced food, and retailers to offer more of the UK catch, Jamie and Jimmy will dedicate an entire episode (airing Friday 8 January) of their new show to visiting fishing ports of the east and west coast of Scotland where they had the chance to inspect the catch and speak to seafood experts.

As part of the show, the pair put on an event showcasing Scottish langoustines to influential bloggers and journalists to spread the word after meeting local fishermen in Aberdeen who said that 95% of their catch gets shipped to Europe as there is no market for them in the UK.

And, weather and supply permitting, Jamie's London restaurants Fifteen and Barbecoa will be putting langoustines on their specials boards during January to inspire more people to try them, while Jamie's Italian are hoping to add langoustine to their fish stew.

Oliver said: "Langoustines are the Aston Martin of the sea so it would be great if more people in this country knew about them."

Scottish seafood is exported all over the world, with the top destinations being Italy, France and Spain. 

Natalie Bell, trade marketing manager at Seafood Scotland, added: “As part of our ongoing mission to inspire and engage food retailers and chefs in the UK with the fantastic natural larder we hold in Scotland, we are delighted to see that Jamie and Jimmy are supporting our cause by championing home caught langoustines.

“Scottish seafood is some of the best in the world, and this is a fantastic opportunity to highlight the diverse range and high quality of seafood Scottish waters have to offer, helping us to grow the industry in the UK.”