ACE Winches profits from sustainability

ACE Winches profits from sustainability

Abeerdeenshire-based ACE Winches is reaping the benefits of becoming more sustainable after constructing a wind turbine at its global HQ.

ACE has recorded a 58% reduction in supply from the grid since introducing the turbine at its facilities at Towie Barclay Works.

The turbine is helping to reduce the facilities reliance on fossil fuels to power the site and contributing to reducing greenhouse gases.

Chief compliance officer, Valerie Cheyne, said: “Many communities have harnessed the power of wind and our team at ACE Winches work hard to utilise the most mature and cost-effective source of renewable energy.

“During these challenging times for the oil and gas industries, we continue to look for innovative solutions to reduce costs.”

In addition to the turbine, ACE has also upcycled two milks floats, powered by electric, and have 10 bicycles used by engineers and technicians, that allow efficient and easy modes of travel around the 25 acre site.

The company’s use of more sustainable technologies is helping it cut costs in what is a challenging time for engineering firms during the North Sea oil and gas crisis.