Funding for businesses affected by floods

Funding for businesses affected by floods

The Scottish Government has announced a £12m funding package to help areas affected by the severe weather that has swept Scotland in recent weeks.

This is in addition to the £4m previously announced in the budget statement, bringing the total support package to over £16m.

An extra £5.8m will be made available to support households and business properties affected by flooding.

The funding will be used by Local Authorities to provide every household, business premises or charity directly affected by flood water with a grant of £1,500.

An Agricultural Floodbank Restoration Grant Scheme of up to £1m will also be made available to farmers seeking financial support to restore damaged floodbanks.

Nicola Sturgeon said:  “With this new funding, every household and business premises that has seen flood water damage will be able to claim a grant of £1,500 from their Local Authority.

“They can use this to replace lost or damage items or to take steps to help flood proof their home.

“We know that the weather has also impacted on business – that is why any business who has had their ability to trade impacted by the flooding will also be able to claim a £3,000 grant."

For more information on how to access funding, people should contact their local authority.