BrewDog goes vegan

BrewDog goes vegan

Scottish craft beer brewer Brewdog has become the latest brewery to embrace veganism by registering 23 of its beers with The Vegan Society.

The move follows the firm’s decision to reject the use of isinglass, the product derived from dried fish bladders historically used in the fining of beer.  

Brewdog, which prides itself on pushing the boundaries in brewing, has never used animal products in any of its beers throughout its nine-year history.

Sarah Warman, master gunner and head of marketing, said: “Registering our beers with The Vegan Society now, despite them never having animal products in, is part of our bid to make craft beer brewed with passion available as easily possible. Here’s to the craft beer revolution, and vegan punks everywhere!

“Everyone should be able to drink great beer, and we’re proud that particular dietary choices won’t keep you out of a BrewDog bar or BottleDog.

“That’s why we’re also rocking epic gluten-free and alcohol-free beers in our venues – craft beer for the people!" 

The Vegan Trademark is the internationally renowned standard for products that are free of all animal use, seen on products since 1990.

It will start appearing on BrewDog bottled beers and tap handles from March this year.