Female engineers follow in their fathers' footsteps

Female engineers follow in their fathers' footsteps

Two young women at Aberdeen-based ITCA Training are proving that equality and diversity are not an issue in the engineering sector.

Louise Brown, 18, and Charmaine Burgess, 16, are working on a Modern Apprenticeship course in mechanical engineering with Netherly-based ALBA power, a support services firm to the aeroderivative industry, after being inspired by their fathers' careers.

“I originally wanted to join the police,” says Louise.

“But after seeing how much my dad and granddad enjoyed working in the oil and gas industry my passion for the sector grew, as did my ambition to be like them.”

Both young women are keen to inspire others who might have an interest in the sector, and hope to eradicate any ideas of intimidation within the male dominated workplace. 

Charmaine said: “I really enjoy my work and the training I am getting. Everyone is treated equally both at ALBA, and in the workshop at ITCA, and I appreciate my modern apprenticeship as I get real hands-on experience.”

June Jones, managing director of ITCA, said: “It is extremely refreshing to see two enthusiastic young women working hard to get their break into an engineering environment, and both girls are already excelling with their practical skills.”

This comes ahead of Scottish Apprenticeship week, which is due to celebrate both the benefits that Modern Apprenticeships bring to businesses and the inclusion of women into a variety of sectors.