Provista UK looks to boost workforce

Provista UK looks to boost workforce

Network and communications firm, Provista UK has outlined ambitious expansion plans as it looks to increase its workforce.

The Hamilton-based firm is on track to hit £7m annual revenue, a significant rise of £5.6m from last year and plan on investing heavily in new staff in coming months.

With clients including Ballie Gifford, Wood Mackenzie, Scottish Paliament and Greater Glasgow NHS their recent growth allows the firm to work with firms of all sizes across the UK.

Provista UK Ltd director, Stuart Little said: “Ten years ago, a few of us spotted what we believed to be a real opportunity in the market – the need for an independent firm to offer expert consultants, right through to the build, supply and maintenance of technological, network and video solutions.  

“Since then it has been a decade of cautious but consistent growth, using profits to expand organically, making sure to retain the culture of our brand.”

Provista UK, which currently employs 30 staff, is also focussing further expansion within the North of England after increased demand for a more tailored service than achievable from large competitors such as BT or Virgin.

Stuart added: “It is a truly exciting time to be part of Provista UK – while we are still the underdogs compared to the household names we truly believe we have an offering that is above and beyond anybody else.