£40,000 investment for Edinburgh start-up

£40,000 investment for Edinburgh start-up

An Edinburgh entrepreneur has embarked on her own specialist recruitment start-up after a £40,000 investment.

The recruitment spinout, named Cyrus, is aimed at the country’s niche and largely public-funded water and energy markets.

Cyrus is the latest brand to be incubated at professional Edgar Stewart’s start-up hub in Stockbridge, and is being rolled out by entrepreneur Sara Zorriastein who also invested £20,000 of her own money alongside support from the incubation hub.

Zorriastein said: “I’m delighted to introduce Cyrus – a new, dedicated recruitment service for the Scottish water and energy markets. 

“Not only is it the first of its kind in Scotland, but it goes against the grain of run-of-of-the-mill recruitment consultancy. 

“Cyrus is about stripping it all back and providing a good, honest and personable service.”

Bruce Hydes, founding director at Edgar Stewart, which has pledged to invest £120,000 in Scottish recruitment start-ups this year, said: “It goes without saying that we’re extremely proud to have helped incubate and nurture Sara’s new venture to this point. 

“But this is only the beginning and we look forward to supporting Cyrus long-term as Sara gains a stronger foothold in the Scottish market.”