East Fife Football Club helps businesses go green

East Fife Football Club helps businesses go green

East Fife Football Club is installing a grid of solar panels next to Bayview Stadium to provide green electricity to local businesses.

Levenmouth Community Energy Project is working with the club to improve their green credentials, by fitting solar panels next to the stadium.

The panels will transform an area of derelict land adjacent to the ground into a key aspect of the project.

In turn, they’ll provide green electricity to a microgrid supplying a number of buildings on the business park at Methil near the ground.

The electricity generated will be used in the local production of hydrogen, for energy storage and to fuel the hydrogen fleet.

A spokesperson from East Fife Football Club said: “As a community club we’re proud to be involved in this forward thinking project.

“We look forward to working with Bright Green Hydrogen for many years and for us to be involved with the first Green Football Club project.”

The partners behind Levenmouth Community Energy Project, which is led by Bright Green Hydrogen, are delighted East Fife Football Club has come on board.

George Archibald, chief executive at Bright Green Hydrogen, added: “We’re delighted to work with East Fife FC, Scotland’s first ‘green’ football club, on this project.

“The electricity that the solar panels will generate is a vital part of the Levenmouth Community Energy Project.

“We look forward to continuing this relationship with EFFC for many years to come.”

Other key partners in the project are Fife Council and Toshiba.

Chair of Levenmouth Area Committee, Cllr Tom Adams said: “This is great news for the club and the area as a whole.

“This innovative project will bring many benefits to the area. It’s hoped it’ll reduce and eventually eliminate fuel poverty in Levenmouth.”