Waitrose welcomes 49 new Scottish craft beers

Waitrose welcomes 49 new Scottish craft beers

Waitrose has introduced 49 new Scottish craft beers to its stores, doubling the number of Scottish breweries it works with from 13 to 21.

The supermarket has also extended the selection of beers and ales from some of its existing suppliers, bringing the total number of Scottish beers, ales and lagers available to over 90.

Working in partnership with Scotland Food & Drink, Waitrose has been working to expand its offering since 2015, sampling 140 craft beers from across the country.

Twelve of the new beers are exclusive to Waitrose including three from Fallen Brewing in Stirlingshire; the Blonde and Wolf Dark bottles from Lossiemouth-based Windswept Brewing; signature bottle Seggie Mill from Eden Mill brewery in St Andrews and the Black Cork from Knops Beer Company in East Lothian. 

The supermarket also stocks an exclusive gluten free option from Black Isle Brewery.

Kenny Webster, managing director of Isle of Skye Brewing said: “The appetite for craft beers among consumers is continuing to grow rapidly.

“Customers want a beer with real character and they want to experiment with their purchases so Waitrose’s commitment to stocking Scottish products is really encouraging and we’re proud to be a part of the announcement.”

Oliver O’Mara, local and regional buyer for Waitrose, said: “This is the biggest regional beer hunt Waitrose has ever undertaken, which gives you an idea of how seriously we are taking the craft beer movement in Scotland. 

“The Scottish brewing scene is at the forefront of innovation in the UK, such as the Goldfinch by Black Isle, a gluten free and organic beer which is now available in all our Scottish branches.”

Kate Prall, beer buyer for Waitrose added: “We now have one of the biggest selections of craft beer and ales, which I think will make Waitrose a real destination for lovers of these drinks.

“Scottish craft beers can really hold their own against the UK national ranges. It’s clear that the brewers are passionate and have a real love for their craft, which makes for great tasting beer.”